Conquerors – Downloadable Game


Conquerers is a fast paced pixel art action game in which you play an alien parasite that’s attempting to defend its planet from invaders by entering your enemies bodies and using their own weapons against themselves.

You are pretty weak and defenceless by yourself and in the open, but if you manage to infect an enemy you’ll take over control of their body and be able to use whatever weapon they’re carrying against the rest of the would-be conquerors.  You’ll have to be careful though – get hit once any you’ll be expelled from the body, and if you get shot whilst not in a host you’ll die instantly.

It’s a challenging and addictive game, with an excellent audio score reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing and superb pixel art animation that’s equal parts charming and gross.  An fun parasite adventure that’s very infectious indeed!

Controls: WASD – Movement, RMB + WASD – Roll, LMB – Shoot (When In Enemy), RMB – Exit Enemy

Available On: Windows Only

Download The Full Game Here

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