Consumed – Browser Game

Consumed is a simple and very creepy little retro horror adventure where you make decisions as you attempt to escape a mysterious room and reach your true potential.

In Consumed yo find yourself trapped in a strange room with a headache and no idea how you got there. The game plays like a cross between a retro text adventure and a visual novel, with your choices really mattering as you try to find some means of escape.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, there are lots of ways to die in Consumed and a couple of ways to survive (though it’s debatable which one it a “good” or “bad” ending!). It’s a great little adventure that manages to squeeze a surprising amount of tension and dread out of its simple text interface and childlike drawings of your surroundings. See if you can reach your true potential!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Consumed Here

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