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ContinuousLY is an impressive PT-inspired first person psychological horror, complete with looping maps, visual trickery and jump scares.

Developed as a successor to (the also very freaky) Continuous, ContinuousLY ups the ante on all fronts, delivering more tension, better audio, snazzy Unity 5-powered visuals, an intriguing storyline and scary lamp stands!  While Continuous was set in a corridor, ContinuousLY delivers it’s disconcerting map-looping gameplay in a stairwell.  You wake up unaware of how you got there, but as you ascend the staircase and the loops repeat, you’ll discover the story of a young woman that was violently murdered on the 2nd floor.

The feeling of dread as you ascend the stairwell increases with every loop.  The visual trickery, freaky audio and terrifying jump scares only intensify as you fall deeper into your own private hell.  It doesn’t quite match the pure terror of PT, but ContinuousLY still impresses with it’s dread-filled atmosphere and freaky phenomena that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact, F – Flashlight

Available On: Windows & Unity Supported Browsers (Download recommended)

Download ContinuousLY Here

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