CONTROL(S) – Browser Game

CONTROL(S) is a tricky little puzzler in which you use arcade machines to control characters to control arcade machines to control characters…. and so on!

In CONTROL(S) your aim is to get your character to the exit. However the exit is usually blocked and you can’t reach the machine to move the obstruction, but maybe some of the other characters can help! You take control of characters by walking up to arcade machines that are the same color as them and pressing ‘Shift’. Control then switches to that character, allowing you to interact with arcade machines on their section of the screen and (hopefully) clear the obstruction, or maybe there’s another character that they can switch to that can help…

It sounds complicated (probably because it is), but it doesn’t take too long to wrap your head around the character swapping mechanics. Some of the levels are pretty deviously designed though, so it may take a little time for your little arcade patrons to escape!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Interact, R – Reset Level

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play CONTROL(S) Here

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