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Corbeaux game

Corbeaux is a stylish little pixel art puzzler in which you arrange crows on electricity wires to match musical melodies.

The gameplay in Corbeaux is simple – just listen to the melody, then attempt to arrange the crows to match it. The crows will make a different tone depending on how far up or down on the telephone lines they are placed (much like notes on a music sheet). It may take a little experimentation to get it right (especially if you’re tone deaf), but there’s no timer and it doesn’t punish you for your mistakes.

Corbeaux is a relaxing and and almost meditative puzzler, that’s great fun to play around with – even if you fail to get the tune right it’s nice to hear what musical melody you’ve created. A charming little puzzler that won’t ruffle your feathers.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Corbeaux Here

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