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Corporation inc game

Corporation Inc. is a very addictive little business management game in which you build a tower block, cram it full of employees then try to make them work as hard as possible to make as much profit as you can out of them!

Corporation Inc. plays a little like Tiny Tower but without all the free-to-play time-based cooldown trappings. You start with an empty building plot and must build modular office block sections then fill them with employees who make you cash by tapping buttons at their workstations.

There’s a lot more to it than just that though – a happy worker is a motivated worker so you need to try and satisfy their needs, providing utilities such as toilets and water coolers, IT support, cleaning staff and HR to ‘encourage’ workers. As you progress there’s a vast array of upgrades you’ll be able to purchase (once you’ve hired researchers to research them), such as office upgrades, promotions for staff, better transport systems and higher allowable tower heights – all in the name of driving profits up.

It’s not the hardest of games (it’s pretty hard to actually fail at it) but Corporation Inc. is a very addictive little management sim well worth checking out if you’ve ever enjoyed the likes of Tiny Tower or any of Kairosoft’s (Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, etc) management games – just be warned, it can be just as much of a time sink as either of those titles too!

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Corporation Inc. Here

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