Corpseburg – Browser Game


Corpseburg is a fun zombie survival sim that uses Google Maps to allow you to try and survive a zombie apocalypse in your home town!

You are a lone survivor in a zombie apocalypse and must explore, scavenge, fight and fortify defenses against the ever present threat of the shambling undead.  The gameplay itself is a fairly simple, but fun survival game in which you must try to find weapons, food and medicine during the day, then fortify your position before resting up each night.

What makes Corpseburg stand out is it’s clever use of Google Maps that allows you to play anywhere in the world – including your own neighbourhood.  This also means that the businesses and buildings that you loot are the actual real life building – so you break into your local pharmacy or school and ransack the them.  It’s a nice touch that makes surviving the zombie apocalypse that little bit more personal!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Note: Just type the name of your town then press start to play

Play Corpseburg Here

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