Cosmic Castaway – Downloadable Game

cosmic castaway

Cosmic Castaway is a short and beautifully created side scrolling point and click adventure in which you play an astronaut who must rebuild his spaceship and escape the planet.

Your ship was smashed to pieces when it crashed, but luckily there are some helpful aliens that inhabit the planet that are more then willing to be off assistance to their ‘host…. did I say host? I mean guest.’ Taking around 15 minutes to complete, you’ll have to collect items, trade with aliens and solve puzzles if you want to see your planet earth again, but you have a keen mind, keen problem solving skills and an unusually strong drive to escape the planet.

Like any good point and click adventure, you’ll be going back and forth attempting to find that one thing that you’ve missed (damn power leads!), but it’s a very well crafted adventure, with gorgeous visuals and a nice sense of humor. A fun little adventure that’s out of this world!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows Only

Download Cosmic Castaway Here

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