Cosmos – Downloadable Game

Cosmos is a stylish little game where you control an entity that floats about in a formless primordial essence, consuming other entities until a new reality emerges.

The gameplay in Cosmos is fairly simple – you control a serpentine entity with the mouse and attempt to eat smaller light entities while avoiding the dangerous red ones. The game takes place within a primordial essence that pulsates within the cosmos. The more light entities you consume, the more you grow and evolve, with each new form you take having a different special ability (usually used to fend off the red entities).

It’s a beautiful little game that’s fondly reminiscent of thatgamecompany’s Flow. Even with the creepy red entities it’s quite a chilled out game, and it’s fun discovering the various evolutions your entity goes through. It’s definitely worth taking 10 minutes to create a new reality in Cosmos.

Controls: Mouse – Aim, LMB – Action

Available On: Windows

Download Cosmos Here

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