CountryCide – DOOM Total Conversion Mod

CountryCide is a tense and claustrophobic DOOM total conversion mod which follows a Templar knight as he investigates witchcraft and occult horrors in a rural province.

A standalone prequel to the upcoming Trench Foot DOOM total conversion mod, CountryCide puts you in the shoes of a Knight Templar (called Master Templar) as he follows a calling that leads him to a rural province that’s corrupted with evil. It appears the locals have been dabbling in a little occultism and human sacrifice so it’s up to you (and your guns) to help purge the land of evil.

CountryCide contains one large level that takes around 30 minutes to an hour to play through. The forest areas can be a little annoying as pathways are hidden and it’s easy to get disorientated, but other than that it’s a masterclass in DOOM modding. The sprite work, map building and sound design are all astounding.

There’s a real sense of dread and tension as you make your way through its dark and claustrophobic environments. A particular highlight is the house area which is incredibly well designed and has a moment of pure terror towards the end. It’s easily one of the scariest DOOM mods ever made and the story is pretty damn good too, with it telling its macabre tale and doing a great job of fleshing out the Trench Foot universe. Highly recommended.

Note: You will need an official DOOM 2 .WAD file and GZDoom to play this mod (so you need to own a copy of DOOM 2).

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (GZDoom Required)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download CountryCide Here

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