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Covert Critter is a perfect little homage to the PS1 era Metal Gear Solid games, which sees a covert ops chameleon infiltrating a top secret base to prevent a nuclear war.

Created by sodaraptor (creator of Hypnagogia and Pathogen-X) and NormalHumanGames (creator of 10 Minute Hero), Covert Critter is a Metal Gear Solid inspired PS1 styled stealth action game starring a color changing chameleon. The game plays much like Metal Gear Solid, with you using stealth and high tech gadgets (and banana peels) to sneak through the facility, evading anthropomorphic hawk guards and security cameras.

There are eight levels in Covert Critter and each one has a very different visual style and usually introduces a new gadget to play with. Particularly enjoyable is the drone, which you can use to scout out levels in first person and the decoy which can keep guards occupied for a little while. Your most handy ability is being able to use your chameleon camouflage to blend into walls though.

It’s a fantastic homage to Snake’s classic PS1 era adventures, with beautiful PS1/PS2 inspired visuals, lots of personality and a welcome dose of old school tactical stealth action. The only thing that’s missing is a cardboard box to hide under! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, RMB – Crouch, E – Interact, TAB – Gadgets, LMB – Use Gadget

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Covert Critter Here

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