CRASH!! – Browser Game

crash game

CRASH!! is a fun retro driving game in which you must navigate mazes with your twitchy (and very bouncy) car with an aim of smashing it into a brick wall.

CRASH!! is easy to pick up and play – you simply use the arrow keys to manoeuvre your vehicle around the levels. It’s a very twitchy little vehicle though so you’ll more than likely bounce it off a few (non concrete) walls on your way to your goal, which causes your car to instantly flip in the opposite direction and carry on going (so if you just keep your finger on the accelerator you’ll bounce all over the place).

Starting off reasonably easily, CRASH!! soon ups the difficulty by adding new types of obstacles, switches and teleportation pads. The low fi visuals, fun gameplay and cool chip tune music are impressive throughout and really make for an enjoyable bit of retro car bouncing mayhem.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Note: If you’re having issues getting the game to start, click on the ‘fullscreen’ icon

Play CRASH!! Here

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