Crossing Lanes – Downloadable Game

Crossing Lanes is a short and touching narrative-driven driving game where you go for a cross-state road trip to avoid your state’s strict abortion ban.

In Crossing Lanes your teenage sister has shown up at your college dorm in need of your help. She’s pregnant, doesn’t want to keep the baby and asks if you can drive her to Colorado for an abortion appointment. It’s a long journey, but it’s her only real option as abortion is banned in your state. You agree and you set off on the highway.

The gameplay in Crossing Lanes is fairly simple, with you just required to weave left and right through traffic as you drive to Colorado. Meanwhile, every now and then you and your sister will have a little chat about her life and yours.

It’s a beautifully written story, with realistic dialogue and a meaningful narrative. The sisters share a strong bond and there’s no judgement between them. It’s a long and intimidating journey, but inside the car, it’s clear that there’s a whole lot of love. Highly recommended.

Controls: A/D – Steer, LMB – Progress Dialogue

Available On: Windows, Mac, Android & Browser

Download or Play Crossing Lanes Here

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