Ctrl/Esc – Downloadable Game

Ctrl/Esc is a creepy first person horror adventure where a night shift maintenance technician has a little trouble with a sentient AI while fixing the computers at a school.

In Ctrl/Esc you are a maintenance technician who has recently been hired to help maintain the computer equipment at the Pandora School of Engineering and Technology. It’s your first shift and as it’s night time the school is pretty much deserted, but there is a security guard and you get messages relayed to you on your phone to tell you what jobs need doing.

Your job is fairly simple – you just go to the required rooms and fix the defective equipment within them. This requires either fixing the tuning on projectors, running antivirus software or removing unwanted software. It’s pretty easy money, but as the night progresses you become aware that there’s something lurking in the computers that really doesn’t want to be deleted…

Due to it being very easy to avoid, the computer-headed monster in Ctrl/Esc is perhaps a little more annoying than terrifying, but even still it’s a great little horror game. It’s got a fun premise, a creepy atmosphere and two unique endings to discover. See if you can survive your first shift in this creepy computer-filled school!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Run, E – Interact, F – Flashlight, Esc – Smartphone

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Ctrl/Esc Here

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