CubiCo – Browser Game

CubiCo is a cleverly crafted Sokoban-esque puzzle game that sees you helping a businessman navigate cramped workspaces to reach his interview.

CubiCo sees you trying to guide your businessman to the exit of 32 increasingly challenging stages to reach an interview in an office at the top of the building. The majority of the levels have keys you’ll need to collect before you can reach the end but you have to plan your movements carefully – most of the tiles can only be stood on twice before they disappear so you really have to minimize backtracking.

The levels in CubiCo start off fairly easily, but as you progress more complex game mechanics come into play, such as coffee which makes you jump two tiles at a time or office workers who walk around and get in the way. The level design is excellent, really forcing you to plan ahead and think about the repercussions of all of your actions.

It’s a fun game with a great pixel art visual style and challenging level design that’ll really test your grey matter. If you make it through that final level you really do deserve to succeed in that interview!

Controls: Arrow keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play CubiCo Here

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