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Cultists & Compounds is a satirical VHS horror/thriller movie styled FPS where you attempt to protect your flock of cult members from an incoming police raid.

In Cultists & Compounds you take on the role of the leader of Enacting Diplomacy United – a dangerous cult that aims to put an end to the corruption of the government. You can explore the cult’s compound and learn more of their activities and the their beliefs (including a cheerful looking propaganda-filled children’s program called Blakey Bear). The whole thing is set in the same universe as Scythe Dev Team’s Nothberry Grove games, and there’s lots of fun little easter eggs relating to the events of those games to find too.

Once you’ve had a tour of the compound you can start to make a speech to your flock in your main meeting building, at which point an armed police raid occurs and things kick-up a gear. You then have to use a shotgun or an assault rifle to fend off the police, while burning your weed farm, making sure explosives are planted, setting off a signal and escorting your followers to the safety of your underground bunker. You’ll get a different ending depending on how many cultists you save, but it’s quite hard to round them up as they run around like idiots and are prone to wandering into gunfire.

There are a few bugbears with Cultists & Compounds, such as some glitchy visuals, no checkpoints and a lack of clear objectives, but it’s a fun little game. It’s nice having free reign to explore the cultist compound, allowing you to discover more about the cult and the world its set in. The combat is fun and the retro VHS nasty styled visuals work well – making you feel like you’re a villain in a direct to video 80s horror/thriller movie. A creepy cult adventure well worth joining.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Shoot, E – Einteract, Shift – Run, Rab – Change Weapon

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Cultists & Compounds Here

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