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Cure is a stylish 2D action platforming adventure that sees you rescuing spirits and attempting to track down the source of the evil which has infected your sacred forest.

In Cure you take control of a little ninja-like character who is sent on a mission to put an end to a malevolent force that’s poisoning a sacred forest. You have a handy sword, named ‘Cure’, which you use to cure the creatures that have been infected and you also come across a helpful ally who gives you useful skills, such as double jump and boost.

The action platforming gameplay of Cure isn’t the most challenging, but it’s great fun exploring the silouetted world and discovering its secrets. It’s a charming little adventure with a high level of polish and great art design. A great little cure for boredom well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Cure Here

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      1. Nope, that just toggles whether it’s windowed 🙁 Since the window isn’t resizable, it’s still not playable. Do you know how I contact the creator to ask them?

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