Cursed Enigma: Priest and Prayers – Downloadable Game

Cursed Enigma: Priest and Prayers is an atmospheric horror game where a devout priest deals with a menacing event in his church one night.

Priest and Prayers is the first story of the upcoming Cursed Enigma series and follows the story of Father Giovanni as he deals with a disturbance in his church. The game has an 80’s horror movie aesthetic and sees you carrying out your priestly duties and talking to NPCs during the evening, then trying to evade being killed in the evening when things take a sinister turn.

It could do with a little more polish and a more climactic ending, but it’s got a great atmosphere, an enjoyably dark story and the environmental design is excellent. Say your prayers and see if you can survive Priest and Prayers!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Cursed Enigma: Priest and Prayers Here

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