Cursed Travels: The Shattered Labyrinth – Browser Game

Cursed Travels: The Shattered Labyrinth is a very inventive dungeon crawling puzzle platforming adventure where you rearrange the map to allow you to traverse a cursed labyrinth.

In Cursed Travels: The Shattered Labyrinth you set out to investigate a mausoleum that’s the final resting place of a prince who had met a tragic fate. The place is now cursed and you end up trapped in a dark labyrinth below it. To escape you’ll need to solve puzzles in each of its chambers and break the curse, but getting to the chambers may be a little tricky…

None of the chambers in the labyrinth are connected by existing pathways. Instead you need to build pathways from the limited amount of building blocks you have. You’ll not only have to figure out the best layouts of blocks to allow you to reach locations, but you may also have to try and figure out where those locations are in the first place. As you progress you unlock more pathway blocks, allowing you to discover more of the labyrinth.

It’s a cleverly crafted game with cerebral puzzles and inventive pathway-building mechanics. The pixel art animation is also excellent and the lore is pretty interesting too. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Interact,

Available On: Browser

Play Cursed Travels: The Shattered Labyrinth Here

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