Cursor Car – Download Game

Cursor Car is a fun little play toy that turns your cursor into a functional race car that you can drive around with the arrow keys and click on things using the spacebar.

More of a quirky little desktop toy than a game, Cursor Car makes the simple act of using your mouse cursor fun. You simply load it up and click on the car to affix your mouse cursor to it, then drive it around the screen with the arrow keys. You can’t right click or scroll, but you can left click by pressing the spacebar.

Obviously it’s a lot less functional than just using a mouse, but it is a lot more fun – especially if you find something fun for it to race around on your desktop – Google Maps is especially fun!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Click, Esc – Unlock Cursor, Alt + F4 – Close

Available On: Windows

Download Cursor Car Here

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