Curvatron – Browser Game


Curvatron is a fun single player or local multiplayer Snake-like game in which you use a single button to wiggle your snake, growing as large as possible before you inevitably run into yourself.

Curvatron is very easy to pick up and play but near impossible to master thanks to the way your snake wiggles its way around the screen in a circular motion. It’s controlled entirely with just one button, with your snake continuously attempting to move in a circular motion and you pressing the button to instantly flip between an anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation.

There are several different game modes, but the most enjoyable is the one that’s most like Snake, with you collecting food to grow in length and increase your score. It also features local multiplayer for up to eight players for some very chaotic snake Vs snake fun. It’s a very simple and super tough twist on a classic game, well worth checking out for some swirly single button serpentine fun.

Controls: W or LMB – Change Direction

Available On: All Browsers

Play Curvatron Here

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