Curve Fever Pro – Browser Game

Curve Fever Pro is a fun multiplayer browser based competitive arcade game that plays a little like a top down, more strategic version of the TRON lightcycles, as you attempt to defeat your opponents by shooting them or making them crash into your trail.

In Curve Fever Pro you pilot an upgradeable ship that leaves a broken TRON lightcycle-style trail behind it and face off against five other pilots in an arena. The game is played over six rounds, with the first player to be destroyed being eliminated from the competition each round (except the first round) and the winner of each round being granted immunity from elimination for the next round.

As you play you’ll earn currencies that can be used to purchase new items and you can purchase premium currency if you want (but it’s really not necessary). There’s a nice amount of unlockables and upgrades, including new ships, but it still remains easily accessible to newcomers and player skill is more of a factor in the matches than what upgrades they have. It’s an addictive game that looks easy, but soon gets challenging as the screen fills up with trails!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Up – Fire, Down – Brake

Available On: All Browsers

Play Curve Fever Pro Here

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