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Cyan is a creepy little retro styled first person horror adventure where a young kid searches for their mother on a dark and stormy night.

In Cyan you take on the role of a young kid who has just woken up from a nightmare on a dark and stormy night. In search of some comfort you decide to try and find your mother, but that may be easier said than done as the house keeps shifting and you’re being stalked by a very creepy looking teddy bear.

It only takes around five minutes to play through Cyan and there are some rough edges (such as AZERTY controls and no mouse-lock), but it’s a very tense and atmospheric experience that really sets you on edge throughout its short play time. A freaky little five minute horror game well worth checking out.

Controls: ZSDQ – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Cyan Here

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