Cyclo 8 – Browser Game

Cyclo 8

Cyclo 8 is a very cool and addictive pixel art physics based biking game – like a retro version of Trials or a slightly more advanced version of the classic Gameboy title, Motocross Maniacs.

The objective in Cyclo 8 is simple – get your bike to the finish line in each level. There are collectables and as in Trials you can attempt speedruns, but on the whole you’ll just be happy to make it to the finish line in one piece! Your little bike is capable of some cool feats of agility and you have the ability to instantly flip it around so so you can drive in the opposite direction, but on the whole it’s a tough little game.

Much like Trials and Motocross Maniacs, the simple and addictive physics based gameplay of Cyclo 8 is hard to put down. Lets just hope your rider is wearing a strong crash helmet though – he’s going to need it!

Controls: Up – Accelerate, Left/Right – Rotate, C – Flip, V – Restart

Available On: All Browsers (if not working, click the full screen icon)

Play Cyclo 8 Here

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