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Da inVincible is a fun single player arena shooter that plays like a blend of Quake and Super Crate Box, with you collecting random Da Vinci inventions and using them to dispatch hordes of deadly robots.

The premise of Da inVincible is very similar to Super Crate Box – you earn points by collecting crates which contain random weapons that you automatically switch to. There are four main Da Vinci styled weapons (rocket launcher, pistol, rifle and shotgun) each of which has rusty, shiny and gold variants that have slightly different stats.

You have no idea what weapon is inside the crate before you pick it up (you could get anything from a rusty pistol or a golden rocket launcher), and with each crate you pick up the tougher the hordes of robots become. Blasting robots buys you some time, but the real secret to success is keeping moving. Your character is pretty mobile and is able to jump, double jump and wall-run around the arena grabbing boxes and staying (reasonably) out of trouble.

It’s a simple, but fun game with fast paced robot-blasting arena combat and some particularly cool Da Vinci-styled weapon designs. Easily the best mash up of Super Crate Box, Quake and Leonardo Da Vinci you’ll play all year!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: The blue plumes of smoke indicate where the next weapon crate is. The game won’t start until you pick up the first one.

Download Da inVincible Here

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