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Daemonologie is a dark and unsettling horror game where you become a witch finder who is sent to investigate rumors of a witch in a small Scottish village.

Created by katanlevy (creator of Cardiac), Daemonologie is a surreal point and click horror game which draws inspiration from the real life North Berwick Witch Trials. It puts you in the shoes of a witch finder who is sent to investigate a possible witch living in a small Scottish village and gives you five days to find and hang them.

You can visit seven different locations in the village, each of which is inhabited by a single villager who you can question and torture for information. The majority of them are pretty grotesque (inside and out) and the information you get out of them isn’t particularly helpful, with them just making wild accusations about the other villagers. Questioning and torturing the villagers takes time too and you’ll need to make up your mind about who will hang on the fifth day. Then there’s also the matter of the twisted nightmares you have during the nights…

It’s a very dark and disturbing game that really gets under your skin (particularly the torture scenes). The audio is superb and the artwork is incredible – particularly the character designs and the nightmarish visions. It’s a truly horrible place to spend some time in (in a good way), and the grotesque brutality of if holds a mirror up to a horrifying time in history. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Daemonologie Here

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