Daily Routine – Browser Game

Daily Routine Game

Daily Routine is a short and cleverly crafted little adventure which makes you think about what’s really important in life.

Note: The following text contains spoilers, we’d highly recommend playing the game before reading on.

Daily Routine starts with you choosing a tie to wear to work in a closet that has an old ice hockey trophy gathering dust and cobwebs. You then click repeatedly to eat your breakfast, click repeatedly to answer emails at work and click repeatedly to cheer for your football team while sat at home.

The gameplay in these little mini-games is (deliberately) bland and mundane, and although you can continue just repeating your actions day after day if you want to, it’s not long until you crave a way to escape this dull daily routine. With a bit of experimentation and by paying attention to your surroundings it soon becomes apparent that it’s possible to escape the monotony of your daily life and chase your dreams.

Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s a clever little game, that comes with a great message. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same things day in day out, but it doesn’t take much to change that.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Keyboard – Other

Available On: All Browsers

Full Playthrough: Here

Play Daily Routine Here

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