Dank Tomb – Browser Game

Dank Tomb Game

Dank Tomb is simple looking, but surprisingly deep and inventive puzzle adventure that sees you playing an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer who goes in search of seven golden idols hidden within an ancient tomb.

In Dank Tomb you enter into an ancient tomb with only a lantern to guide your way through the darkness as you attempt to find seven golden idols and uncover the story of an ancient king who went mad. Along the way you’ll avoid deadly traps, uncover secrets, solve puzzles and unlock new skills that will aid your progress through the sprawling tomb.

It’s amazing how much gameplay, graphical polish and puzzle variety Dank Tomb has managed to squeeze out of the PICO-8 virtual console framework it’s built on. It’s no bite-sized mini-adventure, it’ a fully fledged game that’ll take a few hours to complete, complete with an excellent chiptune soundtrack and stylish pixel art visuals that make you feel a little claustrophobic as you delve deeper into the tomb. A fantastic tomb raiding adventure that you won’t regret getting lost in.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Action, C- Jump

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play or Download Dank Tomb Here

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