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Dark Silence is a tense neo-noir psychological horror adventure that sees you exploring a creepy abandoned gas station inhabited by dark spirits.

In Dark Silence you wake up in the middle of nowhere. The last thing you remember was being in the car with your mom and brother, but after that, nothing. After exploring for a while you find a road that leads you to an abandoned gas station. Maybe you’ll be able to find some answers or some form of help there? Though it’s far more likely you’ll find freaky spirits and an early demise…

Taking around 20 minutes to playthrough, Dark Silence really impresses with its high quality artwork, tense atmosphere and great use of lighting. The setting and gameplay are fondly reminiscent of Alan Wake. The spirits can’t get you if you’re surrounded by light and luckily you have a lighter, but it is prone to going out at inopportune times, leaving you frantically rolling the mouse wheel and praying it lights. The Resident Evil style static camera angles can confuse a little at times, but on the whole they make for a very cinematic feeling experience and help build a tense atmosphere.

Dark Silence is a well crafted horror adventure that really makes you fear what lurks in the darkness. The ending may leave you with more questions than answers, but you can work out some answers through the symbolism of the lighter (or the light it brings) and the location of the final scene. At times the little flame of your lighter feels very much like your life essence, and if that goes out then you’re dead. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Run, E – interact, Mouse Wheel – Use Lighter

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to light your lighter in dark places or you will die and have to start again. Scroll down on the mouse wheel repeatedly to light it.

Download Dark Silence Here

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