Dark Soil – Browser Game

Dark Soil is an addictive fusion of Dark Souls and gardening in which each plant that you grow spawns enemies that try to attack you!

In Dark Soil you take control of a humble gardener who has a very difficult garden to tend. You start the game with a seed, a watering can and a garden rake. You plant the seed and water it to make it grow, but as soon as it blooms it will start to spawn minions that attack you. Killing the minions with your rake earns you more seeds which you can use to grow more plants. Killing minions and growing plants also earns you souls which levels you up, increasing your stats and unlocking new weapons along the way.

Dark Soil is a little grindy, but it’s great fun and can get pretty hectic once your garden starts to fill up. Those evil plants sure aren’t very grateful for your gardening efforts!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire, RMB – Roll, Mouse Wheel – Change Weapon

Available On: All Browsers

Play Dark Soil Here

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