Darkest Corners – Downloadable Game

Darkest Corners is a short episodic visual novel horror game that goes to some very dark places as body horror meets cosmic horror.

Created by SpoocleMacBoogle, (creator of Atoll: The Last Ghost) Darkest Corners tells the stories of various people who have been touched my the maddening light of the ancient gods. It takes place in a world where mankind has discovered ancient creatures who lurk between the border between light and shadow. Nobody really knows what the creatures are, but they seem to have morphological powers that can alter the human body and drive men to madness.

The actual narrative of the game is a little hard to follow at times, but the overall atmosphere is very intense and it goes to some pretty dark places (particularly in chapter 2). The grainy visuals are very disturbing and the whole thing feels like a horrifying fever dream. It makes for an unforgettable horror experience that will really get under your skin.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Darkest Corners Chapter 1 Here

You Can Purchase Chapter 2 Here

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