David Lynch Teaches Typing – Download Game

David Lynch Teaches Typing is a strange, surreal and hilarious little game that sees the director of such oddities of Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks teaching you how to touch-type.

Taking around five minutes to play through, to say too much about David Lynch Teaches Typing will ruin its surprises, but needless to say it’s very funny and a little disturbing. It’s played out via a faux retro interface and features humorous narration by a David Lynch soundalike. Things start off fairly simply, with David telling you where to place your hands and carrying out a basic speed test, but then things start to get a little weird…

Obviously a game where David Lynch teaches you how to type is going to be pretty weird, but there can be no preparing yourself for quite how weird things get! Highly recommended and easily the best touch typing software on the market at the moment!

Controls: Keyboard – Type

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download David Lynch Teaches Typing Here

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