Day of the Jellyfish – Downloadable Game

Day of the Jellyfish is a fun little Day of the Tentacle inspired point and click adventure where a couple of concert goers deal with some mutant jellyfish.

Created for the Pixel Game Jam, in Day of the Jellyfish you follow the story of Hank and Duck – two buddies who are on a trip to see a Blueberry Finn concert. However, it seems that bad things are afoot. A nearby soft drink factory has been polluting the ocean and it’s mutating jellyfish, causing one to get power hungry and set out to take on the shore. It’s up to Hank and Duck to put an end to this soft drink fuelled catastrophe!

It’s a very entertaining little adventure with two playable characters, great voice acting and a wonderfully silly story. The pixel art visuals aren’t quite up to the high standards of Lucasarts’ classics, but they have a lot of charm and plenty of fun little details. An excellent little homage to the golden era of point and click adventures.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Day of the Jellyfish Here

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