De Tres al Cuarto – Downloadable Game

De Tres al Cuarto is a narrative driven deck-building comedy game that follows the story of a couple of not-so-successful comedians.

Created by Deconstructeam (creators of The Bookshelf Limbo and 11.45 A Vivid Life), De Tres al Cuarto is a profound little narrative adventure that follows the story of two struggling stand-up comedians. Bonachera is a seasoned (though largely unsuccessful) writer and comedian who has taken a young up-and-coming comedian (called Garza) under his wing and the pair have started performing a double act in small stand-up venues. They perform gigs each night and afterwards they chat, often with Bonachera imparting a little knowledge about his time in the business.

The stand-up comedy gigs are played out via a deck-building card system, Where you have the option to lay one of four different types of card – Punch cards which deliver a good punchline, Poor cards which deliver poor punchlines, Build cards which allow you to build the joke and Blank Cards which cause the jokes to totally fail. You’re randomly dealt three different cards for each joke and you need to try and play the best cards possible to make the audience laugh and earn more cash. This cash can then be used to upgrade your deck or scrap cards, increasing your chances of success in the future.

It’s a beautifully written game with lots of meaningful conversations and some good gags thrown in too. The deck-building stand-up comedy gameplay works well (though it takes some time enough cash to do anything with your deck) and it’s a real joy getting to know Bonachera and Garza. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download De Tres al Cuarto Here

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