Deadbeat – Browser Game

Deadbeat is a fun little Everhood-esque rhythm-action arcade game where you dodge attacks that are synched along to songs by Mori Calliope.

The gameplay in Deadbeat is very much inspired by Everhood, and sees you moving your character, jumping and counter-attacking as various beats are hurled towards you along to the music. The music in question is by Mori Calliope and they’re all accompanied by unique pixel art backdrops and animations.

At the moment the layout of the beats and the fact that your character’s jumping feels a little sluggish means that all but the very first level are near impossible to complete in the normal settings. You can turn on an infinite lives mode though, which while not ideal, does allow you to actually enjoy the game rather than being knocked out within the first few seconds of each song.

Hopefully in the future the dev adjusts the difficulty a little so that it’s playable by mere mortals, but it’s still a cool little game nonetheless. It’s clear a lot of work has gone into the pixel art of Deadbeat and the music goes really well with the gameplay.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Jup, Z – Counter

Available On: Download & Browser

Play Deadbeat Here

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