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Deadeus is a creepy Game Boy occult horror game where a young boy has a prophetic nightmare that tells him that everyone will die in three days.

In Deadeus you follow the story of a young boy who lives with his mother in a small town. It’s quite a nice place, but one day all the youngsters start having terrible nightmares and the nightmare you have foretells the death of everyone in the town. You need to set out and prevent it from happening, or you can accept your fate, or you can even help it happen – there are 11 endings to discover depending on your actions.

Taking around 1-2 hours to play through, Deadeus weaves a delightfully dark tale as you discover the many secrets the townspeople are hiding. The pixel artwork is excellent and writing is very well done – with lots of great little touches that you notice on multiple playthroughs. It’s remarkable that it runs on a Game Boy – if this was released during the original Game Boy era then it would have easily been one of the best games on the system as nothing else can match its storytelling (though it’s unlikely Nintendo would have approved of the subject matter). Highly recommended.

Controls: Depends on the Emulator

Available On: Game Boy

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Deadeus Here (Requires a Game Boy Emulator)

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