Death By Ninja – Browser Game

Death By Ninja Game

Death By Ninja is a simple, but addictive and delightfully brutal little game in which you use precision timing as you direct your attacks and fend off hordes of ninjas.

In Death By Ninja you play a once honored ninja who has been sentenced to death by your own kind. Obviously you’re not going to go without a fight though, so you use your ninja sword skills to attempt to survive for as long as possible.

Controlling your little ninja is easy – just press one of the WASD or cursor keys to attack in that direction. The other ninjas will surround you, run at you, attack and throw projectiles and you have to time your attacks to fend them off. Get multiple attacks in a row without missing and you’ll earn power up your rage, which will allow you to knock projectiles back through multiple enemies at a time. Do really well and you’ll even unlock new levels to do battle on.

It’s a great little game with excellent pixel art animation and addictive reflex-testing gameplay. Well worth checking out for some blood splattered ninja slaying action.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Attack

Available On: All Browsers

Play Death By Ninja Here

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