Death Cabin – Browser Game

Death Cabin

Death Cabin is a tough, but addictive arcade shooter in which you must fend off horde of monsters with a random selection of weapon drops.

Gameplay in Death Cabin is simple but fun – just shoot monsters and try to survive for as long as possible.  You’re given a random selection of weaponry with limited ammo, through crate drops which occur a set time after you picked up the last one.  This makes for some nerve-wracking moments when you run out of ammo and have to stall for time until the next box drops.

Death Cabin impresses with it’s freaky pixel art visuals, high difficulty and addictive ‘one-more-go’ gameplay.  How long will you last in the cabin?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement,  X – Shoot

Available on:  All Browsers

Play Death Cabin Here

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