Death to the Wizard King – Browser Game

Death to the Wizard King is a very silly boss rush D&D parody adventure where a barbarian sets out on a quest to slay the Wizard King.

Created for the Boss Rush Jam 2023, in Death to the Wizard King you take on the role of a character in a D&D game called Gorenock the Barbarian, and set out on a quest to vanquish an evil Wizard King. Armed with a dog toy you will battle three powerful bosses that will push your skills to the limits in nail-biting duels to the death. All the while this is narrated by a very funny and hilariously biassed dungeon master.

Death to the Wizard King is very much a joke game, but it’s a very funny joke that’s very well executed. The MS Paint-esque visuals are crude but effective, the voicework is excellent and the story is ridiculous. It all makes for a delightful little adventure that will brighten up your day.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Attack

Available On: Browser

Play Death to the Wizard King Here

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