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Deck Dungeon game

Deck Dungeon is a very addictive card based dungeon crawler in which you fight enemies, collect loot, purchase weapons, level up and battle bosses – all by just selecting from a choice of the three cards drawn for each round.

Deck Dungeon (inspired by Donsul), is remarkably easy to pick up and play. Each round you’re presented with three randomly selected cards and must select one to progress tot he next round. There are five basic types of cards – Coins, Hearts, Weapons, Monsters and Bosses. Coins grant you a small amount of cash, Hearts give you heath in return for cash, Weapons increase your attack power but also cost cash, Monsters give you lots of money but can hurt (and kill) you, and Bosses must be defeated to level up your character.

It’s a wonderfully stripped down take on RPG adventuring that’s easy to learn but very hard to beat, and has that all important ‘just one more go’ factor as you always thinking your next run will be the best (but you’ll inevitably perish at the hands of a feeble slime). A great little dungeon crawler in which your success really is in the luck of the draw.

Controls: Mouse – Pint & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Deck Dungeon Here

2 thoughts on “Deck Dungeon – Browser Game”

  1. Hi, It’s a cool game, just want to let you know that theres a glitch such that you can go again after dying, and if you get health back this way the game resumes after death.

  2. Fun game, but the difficulty curve appears to be logarithmic, and barring several misses in a row, you can very reliably be an invincible death machine once you hit the Mimic chest area (Levels 8+; also wish there was more art for those levels too). I’d suggest halving the rate at which Gold/Weapon/Reward for Killing Monsters/Bosses increases, and keeping the same scaling rate for Monster and Boss Damage/HP, and I think you’ll get a much longer game cycle that still feels exciting and tense even at higher levels.

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