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Deeeep io game is a fun new massively multiplayer browser game in which you collect food to level up and turn into different types of marine animals – from little crabs to huge hammer head sharks, each with their own unique special abilities! plays a lot like, with characters controlled by aiming the mouse pointer and using the LMB to boost. You start off as a small fish in a very big sea and must avoid enemies and collect food to level up into different types of marine animals. Each of these animals has their own specific skills that you must use to your advantage to make your way up the food chain. It’s great fun experimenting with these skills and they can be quite varied – such as being able to fly with the seagull or being able to poison people with the jellyfish.

It can take quite a while to gather enough food to level up your characters, but the punishment isn’t too severe if you do die – with you losing just half of your XP. It’s an addictive little game, well worth dipping a toe into for some deep sea massively multiplayer mayhem.

Controls: Mouse – Movement, LMB – Boost/Action

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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