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Deep Chalk Dive

Deep Chalk Dive is a beautiful and deeply atmospheric underwater puzzle game for one or two players in which you pilot your craft around mysterious structures, solving puzzles that reward experimentation.

There are no tutorials and no hand-holding in Deep Chalk Dive, it very much just pushes you in at the deep end (pardon the pun) and asks you to figure out things for yourself.  It’s a very chilled out and relaxing experience as you pilot your way around strange structures and figuring out different ways in which to interact with them (though things do get a little more tense later on as deadly hazards are introduced).  Also, thanks to the randomised nature of the game, each play though will be a little different.

The lack of hand holding is a risky move as some players may bounce off it, but it certainly pays off, imbuing Deep Chalk Dive with a great sense of discovery and unique gameplay that rewards experimentation.  It really is a joy piloting your ship through this unique deep sea puzzle adventure.

Controls:  WASD – P1 Movement, Left Shift – Turn Ship On/Off,  Cursor Keys – P2 Movement,  Right Shift – Turn Ship On/Off

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Note:  There are no instructions in Deep Chalk Dive, but if you get stuck/confused just have a look at the GIFs on the games download page, they should give you some hints.

Download Deep Chalk Dive Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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