Deepdive – Downloadable Game

Deepdive is an addictive little roguelike diving game where you dive deep into the ocean, discover new species, mine valuable ore and discover a secret lurking at the bottom.

In Deepdive you control a diver as they venture down through the procedurally generated depths of a mystery-filled ocean. As you dive you use a sonar to identify different species of fish and use a mining beam to gather ore.

Initially you can only move slowly and carry a limited amount of oxygen so you can only go so deep. However, you earn cash from the ore you collect and the fish you identify, which can be used to purchase a selection of different useful upgrades. These upgrades allow you to mine faster, move faster, carry more ore and carry more oxygen, eventually allowing you to reach the far depths of the ocean and reveal its mysterious secret.

It’s a chilled out and addictive little game with a great gameplay loop and beautiful pixel art visuals. It’s fun discovering the different species lurking in the depths and the way you can mine through the environment is very satisfying (particularly with the fully upgraded laser). A great little roguelike well worth diving into.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Deepdive Here

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