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Deity Driving is a wonderfully weird driving adventure where you take a car on a ridiculously random journey as you serve a god, lose IQ points and return a lost raspberry.

In Deity Driving you control a little car which drives through a Vaporwave-esque world full of random weirdness. You can drive across the screen and into the screen, chat with quirky NPCs and interact with objects. Your main objectives are to lose IQ points and to return a raspberry to its owner, but there’s far more to do than that (and there are three unique endings to discover too).

Taking around 10 minutes to play through (or 30 if you’re going for all 3 endings) Deity Driving is the sort of game that makes you fear for the sanity of those that created it. It’s mad as a box of frogs and is thoroughly entertaining. You never know what new oddities will await you on your magical mystery tour, but they always make you smile. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Honk/Interact

Available on: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Deity Driving Here

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