Delivery Day – Browser Game

Delivery Day is a surprisingly addictive parcel delivery puzzler from UPS that sees you attempting to match the colored parcel to the houses you’re delivering them to before you run out of time.

Delivery Day plays a little like a streamlined version of Candy Crush, with you dragging and dropping the four parcel at the front of the rows of colored houses in front of them. Match the correct colored parcel to the house and both will disappear, allowing the next in-line house to move forward and a new parcel to appear to replace the one that’s been delivered. You only have a set amount of time to deliver each parcel, so speed is of the essence, although you do have several lives and you can pick up handy power-ups that can aid your progress (such as a time extension and extra lives).

Considering it’s from a company that is more likely to be delivering games in its packages than actually making them, Delivery Day is a very addictive and well polished game. Of particular note is that the browser based interface maps perfectly to most smart phones, allowing you to play on the go instantly, with no need to download anything. So what are you waiting for? Those parcels won’t deliver themselves!

Controls: Mouse or Touch

Available On: All Browsers & Mobile

Play Delivery Day Here

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