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Den is a very short but very satisfying little game created for Ludum Dare 38 in which you control a massive fox-cat-wolf-lemur-ferret monster as it eats people and attempts to escape from a facility.

Den can be completed in just a couple of minutes but it offers a very enjoyable slice of monster mayhem during its short playtime. Your monster is controlled entirely with the mouse and must smash obstacles, navigate a tunnel system and sole a rudimentary puzzle as it attempts to escape the facility it’s housed in.

The controls (particularly the way you hit objects) can be a little awkward, but the visual style and the freaky animation as your monster slinks around the facility are very cool. You can’t help feel a little bit sorry for the workers though as, being eaten by a giant fox-cat-wolf-lemur-ferret monster is a horrible way to go!

Controls: Aim and Hold LMB – Movement, LMB (Quick Press) – Scream, LMB (Longer Press) – Attack

Available On:  Windows, Android & Browser

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Download or Play Den Here (Windows, Android & Browser)

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