Depict1 – Browser Game


Depict1 is a wonderfully devious little puzzle platformer that’s packed full of clever surprises, in which you attempt to escape a cage, whilst being ‘helped’ by a narrator who constantly lies to you.

Trust nothing in Depict1, this applies to objects, walls, floors, hazards and especially the narrator. The narrator purposely lies to you constantly throughout Depict1, purposely sabotaging your attempts to escape your prison, so much so that it doesn’t even tell you the correct controls for your character! There is a reason for this deception which is revealed later on, but if you’re going to stand any chance of escape you’re going to figure things out on your own!

Controls: Figure Them Out!

Available On: All Browsers

Note: The final level is very hard to figure out. Needless to say there’s a reason that you’re given 2 spikes! Also, to see the secret ending you’ll need to play through the game twice!

Play Depict1 Here

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