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bot detective game

Detective is a fun online game in which you must figure out whether the person you’re chatting to is a real person or a chatbot.

Detective is played with two players (or one player and a bot, you’re never sure), with one person playing the detective and one person pretending to be a chatbot. The person who’s pretending to be the chatbot must then attempt to converse with the detective and try not to sound too much like a real human. The detective can question the ‘chatbot’ as much as they want, then once they’ve made up their mind they simply type ‘You are a robot’ or ‘You are an impostor’ to make their decision.

It’s an interesting game, which can be very easy or very hard depending on who you’re playing against (if the person playing as the chatbot ever shows any emotion it’s a dead giveaway). It’s especially fun once you or an opponent really manages to get into the ‘mindset’ of how the real chatbot works. Will you pass this reverse Turing test?

Controls:  Type

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Detective Here

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