Devil’s Tuning Fork – Download Game

Devil’s Tuning Fork is a very cool first person puzzle adventure in which you use echolocation to make your way through a pitch black limbo you’re trapped in.

In Devil’s Tuning Fork you take on the role of a child who has become the latest victim of a mysterious epidemic that makes children slip onto a coma. You wake up in a pitch black alternate reality and must use a magical tuning fork to help you navigate the environment, solve puzzles, rescue other trapped children and escape.

Considering it’s a game set in darkness, Devil’s Tuning Fork is visually stunning. The way the waves of sound reverberate throughout the world is mesmerising. The puzzle design is very inventive, requiring you to use your tuning fork in a variety of interesting ways throughout the game. The audio design is excellent too – helping to create a creepy and unnerving atmosphere as you poke your way through the darkness. A remarkable pitch black puzzle adventure well worth shining a light (or a tuning fork) on.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Devil’s Tuning Fork Here

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