Devour – Browser Game

Devour is a creepy little text-based horror adventure where you only have a limited amount of time to escape from a mysterious place you wake up naked in.

Created for the Themed Horror Game Jam, Devour is a traditional text based adventure with some interesting twists. You awaken naked in a room with no idea how you get there and a limited amount of time to escape before you’re devoured. You’ll need to search for clues and try to make your escape. Meanwhile in the adjacent room, there’s a talkative pig who wants you to eat them…

It’s a great little game with some cleverly crafted puzzles and a very eerie atmosphere. It requires multiple failed attempts for you to finally succeed and the knowledge you discover on previous runs can allow you to skip steps in future runs. You’ll need to have a good ear for tones if you want to figure out that door code though!

Tip: Be sure to “Look” in each room as the images may also contain clues.

Controls: Keyboard Type

Available On: Browser

Play Devour Here

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